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Our VP Studio is a key part of LIGHT’s quest to give all creators access to world class technologies. The 150 square metres of LED and camera tracking technology at Light can be used to create responsive, photo-realistic digital worlds that can be used as the background for any genre or style of filmmaking. Alongside being a highly desirable space for virtual production, the dynamic set up can also cater to next-level immersive events, performances and presentations.

Profits from the hire of this facility go towards the Light Cultural Foundation’s charitable aims.

Light’s VP Specifications

✓ 150sqm of 2.6mm pixel pitch Dicolor Panels
✓ Horseshoe configuration
✓ Pixel ratio – 8568 x 1176

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What is Virtual Production?

Virtual Production (VP) combines elements of game development and 3D design with those of traditional filmmaking to open up new possibilities in storytelling and production.


The process involves replacing physical sets with digital ones, usually displayed on a high resolution LED wall. At its most basic, it could just be used to display pre-shot video or visualisations as a background. Or by using Unreal’s game engine technology, 3D digital sets can respond live by tracking the position of the camera to create natural parallax and closely mimic the appearance of a real world location.



Light has already welcomed a wide variety of productions into its VP studio, from films of all budgets, to panel shows, music videos, ads and live streamed presentations. See some behind the scenes shots below:

VP @
Light news

The Show Must Go On
Covid resistant filming at Light ADL
Recent re-introductions of lockdowns and restrictions across the eastern states would usually bring most location shooting to a stop.

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Benefits of
VP @ Light

Virtual Production is a new form of filmmaking that, although still new, is exploding in popularity. While exclusively the domain of big budget films until recently, VP can lead to benefits for a wide range of production sizes and styles.

–  Eliminate the need for green screen
–  Accurate reflections on every surface
–  Actors/presenters can see what they are working to
–  Replace costly location shoots, including travel costs, shutdown risks and inclement weather
–  Allows for smaller on set crew numbers during Covid restrictions
–  Greatly reduce need for post production by capturing near final scenes in camera

–  Usually less expensive than creating detailed physical sets
–  Lighting can be generated in engine for any time of day or weather conditions
–  Every element in a 3D scene can be changed and remixed instantly on set
–  Environments can be carried on a USB and reused over and over – meaning less wastage
–  Reshoots can be done instantly

VP @ Light ADL

Light ADL Partners

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ModelFarm is an Adelaide based 3D studio who specialize in creating realtime environments for Virtual Production. In 2020 ModelFarm was awarded an Epic Megagrant in recognition of their cutting edge work in Unreal Engine
Proud supplier of Light’s LED panels. Specialists in fine pitch LED, indoor and outdoor displays, we design and manufacture several types of LED display, giving you a tailored solution for your project.
BANTA Creative Agency
BANTA is the Partner Creative Agency for LIGHT, specialising in branding, design, web development and digital marketing. For creators, producers and brands needing help promoting their content, BANTA is here to help.
YBY Creative is the chief production partner for LIGHT, with an international network of creatives spanning over twenty countries. YBY specialises in the production of branded digital content, commercials, music videos, fashion films, experimental & special projects.

Rich Coburn
Richard is an award winning director who has created content for all types of screens and mediums, from mobiles to the sides of buildings. For web, tv and cinema audiences to opera, music festival or concert crowds.

VP @ Lights


Light would like all producers to be able to access Virtual Production. To assist that, we are currently offering all first time bookings 50% off our regular rates.

Introductory offer


+ gst

for 3 hours

$50 an hour for technical assistant.

  • VP-ready scenes you can try for free.
  • Or bring your own shot plates (non-VP) or other video content.
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After that


+ gst

for 3 hours



+ gst

for 1 Day (7 hours)



+ gst

for 5 Days

$50 an hour for technical assistant.

  • Price includes screen and systems use only.
  • Environments and design work not included.
  • BYO camera, lighting and additional crew.
  • This facility is not a sound stage - outside sound can be heard at times.
  • No car or wide scale access to stage lv 1 studio - props most be able to be carried up a flight of stairs or constructed in situ

VP @ Light

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